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The right angle

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Shooting photos of interiors can be tricky and you can easily spend all your time crossing off items from your check list to make sure you have everything covered. I am talking about shooting all the rooms, working on the camera settings and white balance, making sure the photo is straight with the walls, and that all fans are off, oh yes don't forget to open all the shades and make sure that the windows are clean...the list can go on forever. And is is really hard in this competitive environment to spend too much time on site, otherwise, between shooting, editing, and driving you might make not enough money to bring in a real profit.

But even with all that in consideration, for all of those photographers like me, that love architecture and design, making each photo shoot special it is engrained in our DNA. I always get that feeling of accomplishment when I get at least one great shoot that stands out in the crowd. That shoot that makes your client come back for more.

One way to accomplish this is using the right angle, and what I mean by the right angle, can be quite personal and subjective. But I consider the right angle that one that make a room SHINE. The one that invites the viewer into the house for a showing, the one that makes that buyer pickup the phone and call for more details.

So on your next photo shoot, pick a room that you think can be the one, and play with the angles until you find the one that creates intrigue and catches your eye. Once you have done that a couple of times it will become part of your routine and maybe even something people will recognize your work for. So, get shooting and shining!

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