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How my photos were featured in THE TODAY SHOW, YAHOO and many more...

You can click on the link above to see the full article, honestly it was the most amazing experience to see my work in such a huge news outlet.

When my client called me to take photos of her new listing, an Airbnb themed with the FRIENDS show in mind, I though how fun! Being a huge FRIENDS fan myself I was excited to see what the place looked like. When I arrived there, I was blown away, the owners have thought of every detail, making it a really fun experience. Fans that know a lot about the show would definitely spend a good amount of time just finding all the details spread around the house.

I was very careful to make sure all the details were captured in my lens and took extra time editing to perfection. Each angle was though on how to capture the essence of the room showcasing the atmosphere that the owners had such carefully created.

When this listing went live, according to Diana Hu, my client, she received multiple calls from news outlets and that is how the photos came to be in THE TODAY SHOW.

I tend to think that those beautiful photos are part of the reason the listing was such a news hit, but I will not take full credit :), just happy to see my work in so many eyes!

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